How Solar Fountains Work

A solar fountain is a great choice for a garden setting. It has many benefits, especially in this age where saving energy is the concern. When trying to find new ways to create natural energy, the sun is a good option. Solar powered fountain have become a very popular trend for many reasons.

Solar Fountains are very easy to operate. They basically need to be assembled per the instructions included in the box, place the solar panel in the direct sunlight, typically for three days, and then add water and turn on the fountain. Most solar panels will come with a long cord, allowing the panel to be out of sight of the fountain and not harm the focal point you are trying to create. So this all seems very simple, but it does not explain how the solar fountain actually works. This article will help you to understand how the sun creates energy that runs your fountain, making it a stunning water feature.

A solar panel, used to catch the sun’s rays, is made from photovoltaic cells. These cells capture and store the sun’s energy. The cells are constructed of silicon, so they are no very strong, and therefore most fountains do not have panels powerful enough to run the fountain in the dark. The requirements to run the fountain are very high. Solar fountains are becoming more powerful all the time, and the newer versions that feature solar on demand.

Some of this solar on demand power allows the fountain to run in the evening hours. This allows you to be control of when you want to run the fountain. These fountains come with an on/off switch, allowing you to turn off the water and store energy when you are not home or choose not to run the fountain. Most solar panels are able to store six hours worth of energy. This allows you to pick and choose when to run the water feature, like say for a garden party!

There are different types of solar fountains to choose from. One of the more popular styles are the solar birdbath fountains. A solar fountain is a better option than an electric fountain, because a solar fountain has more options for placement. Electrical fountains are determined by electrical outlets. Also consider the placement carefully; setting a fountain under a tree will result in a greater build up of debris which can harm your fountain. Solar Fountains can also come in small tabletop versions, or larger tiered versions, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If you have an empty outdoor wall you may consider adding a solar wall fountain, creating the delightful addition of water in motion!

Solar Fountains are the newest type of fountain, but offer a lot of advantages over their electrical counterparts. These fountains are energy efficient, and with new technology, you can choose when you want them to run or not. They still provide the same soothing and peaceful sounds of water in motion as their counterparts. Solar fountains are easy to use, set up, and maintain. They can be set up virtually anywhere in your yard, and they have no emissions or take no fuel. Another interesting fact about solar fountains is that sometimes they come with an indoor rated AC adapter, allowing them to be used indoors as well!