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The typical urban backyard is rather small, but this should not stop you from creating a private retreat for your backyard. By carefully placing plants and outdoor garden features you can turn your bland backyard into the perfect place to sit and enjoy the last of the warm weather.

A gazebo is a great idea for your setting if space permits. It provides a shelter and privacy for your setting. Gazebos come in many shapes and sizes, a small setting can enjoy even a small gazebo, perhaps one tucked between a garage and a fence. Seating should become a part of the garden setting. The key is to remove guests from the house so they can see the garden. When the goal is to create a retreat, and not an extension of the home, you want to block the view of the house. The goal is to create a total escape, a place to enjoy nature and just sit and relax.

When planning your space, consider working with levels. You can create a sunken patio, this adds to the intimacy and is easier to screen. This will encourage the feeling of privacy, allowing you to totally relax and unwind.

Adding a water feature to your setting has many useful purposes. Water can mask unpleasant sounds from neighboring homes or the city. Water also brings tranquility to a garden setting, and the sounds can be very peaceful. Water features will also attract birds and other wildlife into your garden. If your panoramic view has a lot of unpleasant sites, you should screen the view. This could imply place up a hedgerow or a fence, trellises or tall plants work as well. Varying up the appearance will add a beautiful touch as well; vary a sold screen with different plants.

When enjoying your tranquil retreat, consider adding a lighting feature of some sort. By lighting the path to your gazebo, it will remove the focus from any unsightly street lights. Lighting is also a benefit in making your garden usable in the evening, providing light to see and walk safely. When you set up your garden retreat keep all the seasons in mind. Make sure you plant accordingly so there is always flowers and plants in bloom for your retreat. Adding Evergreens to your setting will create a nice screen and give you beautiful color all year long. These trees will look beautiful in any type of garden setting and when combined when any types of flowers and plants.

Seasonal Flowers are also a great way to add beauty to your setting for each season. For the perfect autumn retreat consider cannas, ornamental grasses, and annuls lime mums to create a festive mood. These plants grow and spread quickly, and are perfect for filling in empty spaces. You can easily add an artistic focal point to your setting in the form of a tucked away birdbath or statuary placed on a pedestal. Place these unique items in special places where they can only be viewed from certain places, adding interest and appeal to your setting.

When it comes to seating, consider a quiet garden bench or adding comfortable seating to the gazebo area where you can just sit and relax. The whole idea of creating a garden retreat is to add a soothing place to escape the stress of everyday life.