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Water Features are a great way to feng shui your home. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, you can choose table top, wall fountains, and free standing fountains. Feng Shui is a popular way of bringing positive and good energy into your home. Using indoor fountains for feng shui is becoming a very popular trend. 

The fountain does not need to be oriental in design to work for feng shui. None of your feng shui cures need to appear oriental to create that energy. These features are best when they are in harmony with your home décor.

Fountains are a good choice for feng shui because they bring the power of positive energy to your setting. In ancient feng shui, water was a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Fountains create energy through spread healthy negative ions into the air. Many indoor environments can use a boost of negative ions, making a fountain the perfect choice for your home. 

Here are some helpful hints to creating the perfect feng shui fountain for your setting. The Ba-Gua  is the feng shui energy map, and determines where you should place your fountain.  A feng shui fountain should not be placed in the South area, the energy to the south is reserved for fire.  Bad energy is created when you combine the two elements, as water destroys fire. No matter where your bedroom is located a fountain should never be placed in this area. Water promotes worry in the bedroom, and therefore it should be kept out. Water should not be placed anywhere near where you can hear it from your sleep. Sleeping in places where you can hear the water can cause respiratory problems. When purchasing a fountain for the purpose of feng shui, or for any other purpose, it is best to get one of good quality that has a silent motor. Make sure the one you pick is low maintenance, and is easy to keep clean. Adding feng shui crystals or stones to the fountain will help to bolster the good energy, known as Sheng Chi. Finding a fountain that is able to diffuse special oils into the air is also a good choice, and can be beneficial to your feng shui cure. Using these aspects along with the energy of the water, and this will double the benefits of the fountain. 

When it comes to putting water in your fountain, you should use distilled for bottled water only. You do not want the rust or bacteria from tap water to damage your fountain. You should make sure your fountain can hold enough water that it can go a few days without needing refilled. This way you are not constantly worrying about refilling it, and thus eliminating the feng shui cure you were trying to create. The Fountain should be placed in the North sector of your home. A really wonderful place is at your front door, so long as it faces North, East or Southeast. However a fountain should not go in a bathroom, or below a bedroom. Sleeping over water does not foster good chi. It is also not recommended to place a fountain under a stairway, this causes illness or the misfortune of children. 

This article gives you many useful tools to creating the perfect feng shui fountain for your indoor setting! Enjoy the positive energy it will bring your way!