Landscaping: A Seasonal View

Planting for the seasons depends on the size of your garden. If you have a small garden that can only hold one group of plants, it is best not o plant something that will only bloom for a month, leaving your garden desolate for the remaining eleven months. If the garden is on a more extensive setting, the gardener can distribute a wider variety of annuals into his setting.

The best way to plan a garden is considering the seasons. Taking this into consideration gives you optimum use of your garden setting, allowing you to choose the most acceptable varieties. The gardener will cultivate those plants and trees which thrive best depending on the present season. The competent gardener should be able, out of his own knowledge, to select the most pleasing- materials for his pictures.

The effect of the plant in bloom will be far different from the effect it creates after the foliage has bloomed and is finished. The color will be lighter and grayer, than when it is in full bloom. 

Some plants may only have true beauty during their Spring bloom. The Willows fall into this category. This would include the Royal Willow, the Salix Regalis. Among smaller flowering plants that look best in spring, consider the crocus, narcissus, jonquils, hyacinths, tulips and others.

These are the perfect plants to consider for Spring after the mulch has been removed. They should be scattered with a liberal hand, through the grass and in the borders, where you want them to come up year after year. This way not only will they be the first to add beauty each year, they will be a warm welcoming of the warm seasons return! 

June is considered to be the month of Roses, Brides, and College Graduates.  It is a month reserved for parties and enjoyment of living. Weddings and commencements are the gardener’s time to create stunning artistic garden pictures, creating a garden full of beauty and enjoyment. 

June is the season of the bold and blushing, smiles and nodding, the vain and beautiful roses, which stand out against the tranquility of summer. June is the season of youthful beauty! 

The flowers form in abundance, with the roses dominating the view. Bright, bold colors make up the garden, which is heavy with fragrance, while all the grays and old colors step back into the background; this is the feeling of June, a time for beautiful colors to rein the garden. 

By midsummer, nothing is more soothing then a peaceful rest in the cool shade. The colors are no longer flashing and exciting, but now the trees create an inviting canopy and foliage, while underneath is a cool and soft blanket of green grass. This create a peaceful retreat, perfect for a quiet picnic, a nap, or some quality time with an unfinished book. 

This is the perfect place to let go of the noisy streets, the commotion of traffic, and the general business of daily lives. The gardener can sit back and relax, enjoying the wonderful retreat his garden will provide him.