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When it comes to landscaping, it is imperative to be as specific and explicit as possible. Your plans should locate the positions of each bush, clump of columbine, or spirea. And depending on the specific type the owner demands, the landscaper has no choice but to appease those wishes.

The idea is that the best laid plans, may not always work out exactly depending on the ground. During construction, there are always issues and problems that arise. Sometimes these issues actually cause the landscaper to completely change a plan or take out an entire plant. This is why there must be a plan, so changes can be made properly.

The ideas of the landscaper artists determine the introduction of any plants that will be added later.  This is a fact that should not be ignored. There is never a reason to change the design scheme, and the design should be recorded as a hard copy, so that later years and additions can remain in the proper design.

Even the smallest of lots, like a townhome or a cemetery block, should have a definite plan. This plan should be decided on before the actual work begins. Radical changes to the original plan will result in the destruction of the unity of the design.

The natural and the architectural are the two main styles of landscape gardening. The natural style, often referred to as English gardening, was formed English gardeners. Architectural landscaping is often referred to as Italian Style, having been perfected by Italian artists largely.

There are other styles as well, and a new treatment, called the picturesque style, has recently been made more popular. This is more closely related to the Japanese style, than the other two, unfortunalty, little is known about either style.

The picturesque style is not commonly referred to as a distinct method. It goes to prove that it, along with other styles, is adopted in special cases. Although not as prominent as to be named and classified as a method.

These styles are also mutually exclusive. It is less likely that the landscaper is a distinct follower of one of the main methods, but rather that each will have different styles. Each artists will have different objects and methods and styles, so what they create will not every be the same.

In wide spaces, you may see a combination of both the natural and architectural methods. But when combining these two styles in small spaces the general look will be discord. It takes a very skillful hand to create harmony between the two, but often they are best left separate.

The beast way to create unity and harmony in your space is to choose one style, and follow it through in every aspect of your landscape. Otherwise your setting will be hard to fix once the damage is done.