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  The Zurcher, Schaffhauser, and the Muhle falls make up the Rhine Waterfall, which happens to be the largest waterfall in Europe. This waterfall is 25 meters tall and 150 meters wide. They are a well known site in Europe, located in the urban area of Schaffhausen. 

The waterfall is considered to be relatively low when compared to other waterfalls. Divided into three sections by sharp sections of jagged limestone that is pushed up against the waterfall, the old remains of the eroded cliff, that has managed to remain where it was, and avoided the desire of the rushing water to send it downstream. On both sides of the River Rhine is a thick forest of trees and shrubbery which masks the city. The city is a typical European with narrow alley and old stucco and brick buildings. There is a great old castle, called Schloss Laufen that will make a great place to visit and see the falls without having to travel very fall. 

The waterfalls were created over 15,000 years ago as the glaciers from the Wurm ice age began to retreat carving out the landscape with grooves and crevices from the moving ice. The glaciers, are believed to have change the course of the Rhine River, several times throughout history, creating new riverbeds in the limestone surrounding the area. The cliffs and beds the river runs through now is strong and difficult to erode, but over time it will happen and the cliff side will collapse once more, pushing the waterfall backwards a few more feet. 

Even though these falls are much smaller than other falls located around the world, but when seen up close it will certainly inspire respect and awe! The water tumbles over the cliff at 750,000 liters per second, about a fifth of what Niagara Falls volume, it is still powerful enough to keep visitors from leaning over the edge for a picture! 

These falls were also an important part of an old trade route. Part of the Rhine River is fed from Lake Constance, and the trade route that was used in the 13th to 19th centuries, to transport salt from the lake to the Basel area. 

The Rhine Falls are a popular tourist site with over 50,000 visitors on a daily basis. Be prepared for a crowd, as this waterfall is easy to get to and close to the city. You may want to consider taking one of the daredevil boats that run at the base of the waterfall for an amazing picture!

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