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Creating Safe Pools
If you have children, you will want to make sure the pool you build is safe for them. Here are a few tips to help you create a safe pool for your setting!
The first idea is to create a raised pool. This method follows a similar construction as the formed concrete pool, but involves the building up of the outer and inner wall forms and tamps the stone harder so the pool rests closer to the top of the ground. Once you have tamped the stone solidly, you can place the pool on top. This method keeps children from falling into the pool and injuring themselves very easily. Now everyone can enjoy themselves in your garden!

Even though the raised pool is a great idea, it is also beneficial to consider constructing a hidden screen. Take a three quarter inch pipe, and construct a frame which will fit as a snug rim around the inside of the pool, and cover the frame with strong fence wire. This method will allow your plants to grow freely around the wire, while keeping your children from any danger! The frame will not be visible except for directly above the pool, so it is the perfect solution to create a beautiful and safe water lily pond!

The Summer Pool
A quick and inexpensive option would be the concrete summer pool. Work out the shape of your pool, and cut a 30 inch deep trench around the pool, roughly 8 inches wide. If the earth is solid enough to hold concrete, you can simply fill the trench with 6 inches of gravel and the metal reinforcements, and fill it with concrete. Repeat this process until all of the walls have formed. After the walls have set, a few days later, remove the inner earth, and repeat the stones and concrete filling on the bottom. You will want to cover it with a waterproofing layer, like concrete that has been mixed with asphalt and water. This method is easy and quick to create, but will most likely crack during harsh winters, so remember to re-waterproof each year!