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Natural Cure
An old stand by for curing a pool naturally would be too build your pool in the fall, finishing when it could not be planted for a few months until the Spring months. This way the natural washing of the rain will clean the lime from the surfaces of the concrete. This ia good method if your timing fits with this plan.

If you choose this method of curing, it may be a good idea to empty your pool a few times over the winter, when there is no chance of freezing. Allow water to stay in the pool for two to three weeks, and on the final fill, place a piece of pink litmus paper into the pool. The paper will turn blue showing that there is still alkaline in the water, if this occurs, it will need to be filled and emptied a few more times.

The Best Curing Treatment:
The best treatment for curing your pool that we know of was first developed at a fishery, and worked perfectly for about hundreds of customers whom it was recommended to.

  1. Fill the water lily pool to the brim and let it set for five days.
  2. Drain the pool, refill it, and let it set another five days.
  3. Drain the pool again.
  4. Mix up a solution of one quart ordinary kitchen vinegar and 10 quarts water.
  5. With a stiff brush (an old broom does splendidly) and generous sloshings of the solution, scrub vigorously over every square inch of the pool's inside surface. Mix more solution if needed. The surfaces may bubble up a bit as the vinegar works on the free lime, but do not worry, it will not weaken the concrete.
  6. Rinse out the pool with a brisk stream from the garden hose and it is ready for goldfish and water lilies.