Many Gothic Like Fountains were Located in Viterbo

great-fountain-piazza-del-duomo-1-large.gifLike many other styles the water feature located in the Piazza della Morte, in the town of Viterbo is of gothic style. It has the same quality as many other fountains that are of the same style within northern Italy. Bronze sea-horses are showcased in the Fountain of Neptune that is located in the city of Florence. This water feature was created by Giovanni da Bologna and has almost too many famous garden statues, especially the one of Neptune which had been carved by Ammanati who was actually a disciple of Michelangelo. Many people of Florentine actually joked about the statue early on, saying "Ammanati, Ammanati, you have ruined a fine block of marble". One of the great master pieces, Fonte Gaja located in Siena was not joked about and was enjoyed by many early on.

Believed to have been created in 1277, the great water fountain in the Piazza del Duomo at Perugia had three large basins with biblical quotes and reliefs. It is believed to be one of the most beautiful fountains that has ever been created and is believed to have been finally completed in 1280. The fountain was created by Niccolaand Giovanni Pisano and Arnolfo di Cambio. Another fountain located in Viterbo, The Fountain of Sepali, also had a gothic like style and was created in 1206. This style is typical of Viterbo, which had many fountains. The town itself was often called the "city of beautiful women and beautiful fountains". The name of the fountain actually means to be without equal. The piazza Vittorio Emanuele, again located in Viterbo, was quite large and some saw it as being very clunky. A series of water features could be fountain in the gardens located at the Royal Palace at Castera which had been created by Charles III in 1752. Classical myths were featured in the statues of the collection of fountains. The fountain itself was actually created together by Violani and Brunelli.

The very famous, simple water feature located in the Piazza di San Pietro in Rome was designed by Stefano Maderna and is an unusual design considering the gothic like creations in Viterbo.