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The Fountains of the Rising and Setting Sun was created by Adolph Alexander Weinmann to mark the east-west axis, and was located between the Column of Progress slick and the Tower of Jewels. The Fountain of Energy stood in the center of this arrangement designed by Alexander Stirling Calder. At the time the Fountain of Energy was described as a circle of figures and statues that represented the water of all the world’s oceans. The Figure of Energy stood at the very top of this fountain, on horseback, displaying the qualities of force and dominance that tore a path down the content dividing the world of commerce. Here are some other fountains on the grounds that have importance as well, like the 1915 San Francisco exhibition were the Fountains of El Dorado by Gertrude Whitney, and the Four Fountains in the Court of Seasons by Furio Piccirilli.