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Container gardening is quickly becoming a very popular trend, and are being seen everywhere. This may be because these planters are fun to create, or maybe because they look beautiful without taking up a lot of space. These planters offer instant gratification and beauty!

When it comes to creating a container garden, there are some simple steps to follow. The main rule is to make sure the plants have what they need to thrive. These steps allow for the creation of works of art, scaling down large landscapes into a single container! Container gardens are a great idea if space is limited. Homes with only a small patio or apartment buildings with only a deck are especially perfect choices for container gardening’s. These are also useful and attractive for settings with lots of outdoor space. They add depth and dimension, beautifully the space! When choosing plants to place in a pot, it is valuable to create balance and contrast. This refers to the plants being sized to fir the container. A small plant should not be placed in a large pot, as this will cause the plant to become lost. The same applies to the placing a large plant in a pot that is too small.  Generally a plant should be no more than twice as high as the container, and 1 to 1 and a half as wide. Place simple plants into ornate planters, as they will balance one another out, and place exotic and showy plants in simple pots. When deciding what plants to place in a container, it can be lovely to place one single type into the planter, or create a grouping of flowers for a stunning display.

When it comes to choosing colors for your planters or flowers it is important that they blend with your color setting. If the goal is to create impact and effect, contrast your colors. If the goal is to create harmony in your setting, stick with shades of one color. Tranquil shades include blues, lilacs, and purples. If the goal is to highlight and ornate planter, be sure not to grow plants that trail and vine over the pot. The leafy foliage of the flowers also adds stunning color, consider this when choosing a plant, because there will come a time when the plant won’t flower.

The foliage of the plant is the center of the arrangement. Choose interesting textures and sizes of leaves to create a stunning backdrop to the bold flowers. Adding spiky grass to a pot creates an appealing focal point, while adding dimension to the overall design.  A container garden can make a great focal point for a patio or garden by combining plants of different heights with different textures and bold colors. You can also create a unique focal point by using a variety of containers, of different sizing, and planting them with different sized flowers and plants.

Container gardens are gardening on a small scale. This allows for creativity and experimentation. This is fun process, allowing an individual to find what works best for them. Create beautiful arrangements and combinations of plants. You can even mix in vegetable, trees, shrubs, and houseplants. Herbs are also a great choice for container gardens as well; they have a delightful smell and add a unique style. You can plant in virtually anything that you like, just make sure it has proper drainage. These planters can be placed anywhere you choose, perfect for adding accents and focal points to your setting!