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Paris: Chateau de Eau located at the Universal Exposition

Buffalo, NY: Court of Fountains located at the Pan-American Exposition. Also, the Fountain of Abundance was also sculpted by Martiny this year

Portland: AE Doyle created The Benson Bubblers Fountain in Portland, OR. Bryant Park, New York the Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain was created

Belle Isle, Detroit: the James Scott Memorial Fountain which had Sculpture & Statuary created by Adams and Aitken.

Panama-Pacific International Exposition featured three important fountains in San Francisco: The Fountain of the Rising Sun & Fountain of the Setting Sun, and the Fountain of Energy, The sculptors were created by Alexander Stirling Calder.

Longwood Gardens located in Kennett Square, PA are Italian Water Garden & Main Fountain Gardens

Status by Duchamp was shown in the "The Fountain Readymade" and was dedicated to the Society of Independent Artists Exhibition in New York.

Dupont Circle in Washington, DC added the The Rear Admiral Samuel Dupont Memorial Fountain which had sculpture created by Daniel Chester French.

Tureen & Fountain in Campodei Fiori were restored during this year

International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris included the Springs and Rivers of France Fountain

Germany: the Mosaic Fountain lcoated in the Grosser Garten in Dresden, the restoration was complete in 1995. The Shemanski Fountain with Statue of Rebecca in Portland, Oregon was also erected this year

Removated in 1994 by Harry Weese, the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain located in Grant Park in Chicago with sculpture and Statuary by Loyau was originally created

Paris: The Grand Signal Fountain located in the Exposition Coloniale

Rockefeller Center: New York City the Prometheus Fountain was sculptured Paul Manship.

International Exhibition of Applied Arts and Crafts in Modern Life located in Paris: Fountains of the Palace of Chaillot which were sculpted and designed by Bacque, Drivier, Guyot.

The Water Ballet Fountain, which was a symbol of the electric power fountain from the New York World Fair was created and was also known as the The Lagoon Fountain,

St. Louis, Missouri: Meeting of the Waters which was also known as the Wedding of the Rivers Fountain and featured sculpture and statuary by Carl Milles.

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