More on the Base Planting

Your planting needs to be adjusted based on if your path leads to an entrance directly or paralleled. The planting should be kept low in most cases, unless you have many steps. If the paces for planting at the entrance are narrow, Firethorn or other wall shrubs that you can wire train is a good option. The best idea for an “L” shaped house is planting multi-stemmed trees, with under plantings of low evergreens.

The plantings, for the L-shaped house, should be set in the corner opposite wing, if the house is a double wing set in at the angle opposite where the entrance is located. The planting is balanced because there is a low mass near the entrance of the door. As for the rest of the house, be careful not to use anything that will block the view of the windows or take over the whole structure. Modern homes may need a little more planting then the low growing plants, to keep mud from spatter the house, and make mowing an easier job. Ivy’s are a good choice.

In areas where the ornamental evergreens thrive, it becomes quite common to make your planting ornamental as well. Azaleas, Andromeda, Rhododendron, holly and others work well here. Small lots cannot support these, but when used elsewhere the y provide a lift and lovely color in the spring.  Be aware of the colors you choose to make sure they fit in with your coloring scheme. Yes is a great backdrop for adding colorful azaleas or other plants. Homes with taller proportions can accommodate a large belt of this material along the base.