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The idea of netting is bound to enter your pond setting at some point or another. This nets range in size and types of mesh, but all serves to protect your pond.

Here are the basic reasons to net your pond:

  • It keeps falling debris from clogging up the pond
  • Prevents aquatic life from jumping out of the pond
  • It also keeps predators from harming or eating your aquatic life.

In the fall is a wonderful time to add a net to your pond. As the trees drop their leaves, this can be a big problem for you pond. As the leaves sink and decompose on the bottom they release harmful toxins and create a dangerous sludge on the bottom of the pond.  Your aquatic life needs oxygen to live and thrive, and these harmful toxins destroy the oxygen.

As you choose to add fish to your pond, the newcomers may be a bit timid and nervous, and some fish are prone to jumping and splashing. It takes about a week for a fish to become comfortable in their new environments, so during that period you may want to net the pond to keep your new addition from leaping out of the water! Make sure the net is large enough to keep small fish from getting stuck, but small enough to serve its purpose and keep fish inside!

Lastly, if your area seems prone to natural predators like egrets, heron, or raccoons, a net is a wonderful way to keep these animals from stealing your fish as their lunch! Although a heron is a stunning bird, it certainly will not seem so appealing when it snatches one of your expensive koi! These nets will keep these beautiful birds from wading into your pond, while also deterring stray cats or raccoons from stealing a tasty snack!

Placing the Netting:
Spread the netting across your pond, and then stake the edges down every so many feet. You can use wooden stakes, or tent stakes work great for this purpose. Make sure the netting is suspended slightly above the water and does not touch it. This can also be done by adding a PVC pipe across the pond and draping the netting over it.

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