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We are proud to offer our customers the best of the best in the outdoor decor industry.  From fountains to statues, planters, bird baths and more, we have one of the largest on-line selections of all things outdoor. 

Our products range from cast stone creations to ceramic glazed products and lightweight, fiberglass and resin manufactured products.  All of our products ship directly from the manufacturer to your shipping location.  For this reason, we do not offer a printed catalog and we operate on-line only.

Many of our cast stone products are manufactured in the United States.  These are typically offered in your choice of patina/finish choices.  When an item is offered in your choice of patina/finish, each order is custom made after the order is placed. Each manufacturer applies the finish to the cast stone pieces using different methods, but you can expect most cast stone pieces will vary in their coloring.  This is often due to the patinas being hand applied during the manufacturing process. The variations create a unique finish for each piece ordered.  Because of this, we suggest if you are planning on ordering two of an item, such as a planter, that you order two at one time in order to get similar/matching coloring. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order, so since the cast stone items are special order and non-returnable, many manufacturers will offer color samples shipped to you prior to ordering for a minimal charge.

Our lightweight products are made from a variety of lighter weight materials, in comparison to cast stone.  These materials range from fiberglass, resin or GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete).  Products made of these materials are a great option if a lower weight item is desired.

The manufacturers of our glazed and terra cotta pottery offer products that are subjected to stringent testing in freeze and thaw conditions to ensure the best quality. These hand-made pieces of pottery may experience variations in coloring due to the hand-creation process and are a natural occurrence in the manufacturing process. This creates a unique coloring that makes the pieces special for any outdoor location.

Once your order is placed, each manufacturer is notified within 24 hours.  The manufacturer then begins production of your item or begins processing your order.  Once your item is ready to ship, the manufacturer then ships the item directly to your shipping address.