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“Best of the Best”

The following is going to explain which lilies are the best for cutting, the most proligic, etc., as well as answer some other frequently asked questions.

Cutting Lilies:
Water lily cuttings are a great way of arranging flowers, and you can use any type. The Hardies, are the best for outdoor arrangements, and this includes the Nymphaea odorata and rosea, Marliacea rosea and chromatella, W. B. Shaw, James Brydon and N. Robin-soniana. Easch of these species are fragrant as well.

The best Tropical Lilies for cutting includes the Aviator Pring, Blue Beauty, William Stone and August Koch. Also, there are the night-blooming Nymphaea dentata and its varieties, N. Omarana, and Emily Grant Hutchins.

Newly opened blooms are the best for cutting. The best way to determine this is to look for the stamens, if they are not tangled and cleanly apart, it is most likely a new blossom. Usually flowers will follow their normal stage of blossoming after they have been cut, but they may fold back into blooms again.

Keeping Blooms Open:
There are two ways to keep your blooms open. One method is to place the freshly cut blooms into ice water, and store them in the refrigerator until they are ready to be displayed. You can also wait until all the blooms have opened, and then place a wax or paraffin where the petals join the stamens, creating a cast keeping the flower open. Both methods will last 3-4 days with no loss in shine or scent.

Number of Plants for a Pool:
The number of plants really depends on the size of your pool. There is no set numer, but it is best to avoid overcrowding. You will want to cover half of the surface area, leaving room for submerged plants, as well as empty space to create beautiful reflections.