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The first question considered when decided to plan an outdoor room is how much it will cost. The cost will not be the same for any setting. Cost is determined by the size of the space, the plants used the furnishings, and the character and features. You can create an outdoor room, of decent size, with very little expense. By creating a solid plan, you can add to your outdoor room each year, until you achieve the living room just as you want it. 

A good decision for your first year would include planting the trees and shrubs, as well as establishing the lawn area. At this point the form of your outdoor room should take place, and with some simple and inexpensive furnishings you can enjoy the room for your first season. Trees, Shrubs, and evergreens increase in value from year to year. This is why it is important to plant these items as soon as possible, so they can begin to grow and add beauty right away. 

During your second year, it is a good idea to add any evergreens that could not be planted the previous year. You can add your perennial flowers and border flowers, any steps or walkways, and perhaps more permanent furnishings.

During your third year, you should see a strong development in your plants and shrubs. The room will further reveal its beauty and charms. This is now wonderful time to add your special features, like pools, shelters, a retaining wall, or any architectural features that appeal to you and your style. 

Also during the third year, you can incorporate more permanent furnishings. The background of your room should be established at this point, so you can begin to pick up decorative pieces like vases, urns, or other ornaments that add a stunning livable touch to your setting. This certainly will not complete your room, as like any room, it is never fully complete.