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The key to creating a livable outdoor space is the same as any indoor living space, making it comfortable and welcoming, so much that we want to stay and relax! The livable touch adds the “lived in” factor; the way you arrange the area, and place the furniture will make you actually want to live in your space!

Nature will supply the spirit of the outdoor space, but you just give it that livable touch. Just as you determine how your indoor spaces will be set up, you must decide the placement of your outdoor room. You can choose the furnishing and décor that gives it your own personal style.

It is always best to provide comfortable furnishings that go into the shaded areas. Remember that all areas of your room will be in sunlight, most likely, at some point in the day. You may want to consider moveable seats, so you can move with the sun, or perhaps add seating to a permanent shaded structure. Chairs in the sunlight can be enjoyable as well!

Seats that are inviting and comfortable will help make your area more enjoyable. Seats not only provide a nice resting pot to take in the beauty of your surroundings, but they also add a nice decorative touch to your setting, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

A carefully placed seat in a pot created just for it adds interest and charm. Creating a unique area of your room that allows it to move away from commonplace.
A small outdoor living space makes frequent use of a seat and shelter combination. You can also create a stunning focal point by placing a seat along a wall or fence. A delightful touch can occur when placing a seat in front of a fountain, a pool, or in an open lawn.

When planning your seating consider their outlook over the grounds in their placement. You will want them to be overlooking something pleasing and attractive. Any well groomed garden will make use of several of these possibilities.

You can find garden seat in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. You could also choose to construct your own. Attractively painted wood often offers the most variety when it comes to seating and tables. You can also find cast stone that is well suited for more formal settings. You can also find hickory, reed, enameled wood, and iron or metal products as well.

You can add increased charm to your setting by grouping swings, chairs tables, and brightly colored umbrellas to your outdoor room. These additions not only create a cohesive and practical look for your setting, but also add a warm and inviting atmosphere!