Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is located near Kenneth Square, in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Each season offers a new beauty that makes it hard to suggest any particular time to visit. Spring is full of beautiful colors, while Christmas time features thousands of lights strung up everywhere. Each season offers beautiful features, but the stunning fountains are visible anytime of the year.

The former estate of Pierre S. Dupont now makes up the stunning Longwood Gardens, an estate covering 1,050 of woodlands that features incredible fountains with lighted water shows.  There are lovely water gardens, ponds, formal flower beds, vegetable gardens, as well as topiary lawns. There is a conservatory that covers four acres of plants under roof.

Longwood Gardens is best known for its water displays. Next to the bell tower is a beautiful waterfall, and another one is actually fed by a natural underground spring. The property features several ponds with lily pads that are the largest you will ever see.

The outdoor theater is one of the most enjoyable experiences at Longwood Gardens. It even features a curtain of waterfalls. The shows are quite enjoyable and of good quality, being performed by local thespian groups. Enjoy a picnic dinner on the lawn under the stairs as you take in a show on a nice summer evening.

The Longwood Gardens are a wonderful place to visit on a warm summer afternoon, as they are as stunning water show for anyone. The use of skylights of different colors ensures that every visitor will find delight in the gardens!

Here are a list of other features at Longwood Gardens:

  • Rhododendron gardens
  • Orchid gardens under roof
  • Desert gardens
  • Insect eating gardens
  • Bonsai gardens
  • Seasonal displays

The Rhododendron bushes bloom each year in June, creating every shade of pink, purple, and whites and lead you through a woodland path. The orchids featured at Longwood Gardens are a testament to the beauty and talent of Mother Nature. Longwood Gardens is able to assist Mother Nature by providing the needed temperatures and level of moisture needed for orchids. In complete contrast, there is also a desert section where you can find cacti and other succulents flourishing. The insect eating plants is a favorite location for children and teens. These plants are simply intriguing. The ancient art of bonsai plants at Longwood gardens features very old specimens and are a great examples of the patience needed to  train a tree.

Planning a trip to the Longwood Gardens is sure to be a wonderful and rewarding experience, but consider that during Christmas and Easter they are often rather crowded!