Perception in Landscaping

A curved line will change direction at every point, creating an infinite amount of directions. The partial concealment of principal points of interest is a common and profitable expedient in most cases, less so perhaps in the architectural style than in others.
In a natural style, it is a good idea to group trees together to hide any unsightly building or other pisnt of view. This grouping of trees will also create different viewpoints, never creating the same picture from a different standing point. 

A deep vista is desirable feature for a landscape for many reasons. The eye naturally wants to take in the whole picture, and often a garden scale is too small to fully satisfy the eye. A deep vista allows the eye to take in everything!

The deep vista will satisfy they natural desire if the openings in the plantings are placed so that the eye can enjoy the extraneous view. A long perspective provides many viewpoints, as some objects will appear closer while others seem further away.

The skyline should never be a monotonous thing. It is better for a picturesque view to have a broken skyline. The charm of the natural style lies in the peacefulness and quietness of the setting, if your horizon is full of poplars, you will not create that feeling!

You can diversify the skyline in a gentle way. Create a mass of high and heavy woods to one side, and on the other side allow the skyline to sink low. In one or two places in between accentuate with a spire-like poplar. 

Good taste must always be exercised, very few observers will view the skyline and itemixe the defects and good points, but the sympathetic mind will be alive to both. 

Landscapers will use the shape of the land itself, along with the plants, trees, fountains, and rocks to create variety in the art of their design. They can also incorporate the use of perspective, to make sure they create a unique and original design.

If an artist is ever at a loss in the middle of the creation, perspective is the key to fall back on when no other ideas are flowing!