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You should always be checking your garden for “pests”. Often they are not small in size, and can be easily noticed. Well maintained garden are normally free from unwanted pests, but that does not mean an attack won’t happen. Often it is the slow moving creatures that are considered the pests, as the fast moving ones eat these, and therefore are a gardeners friend. The most common pest for a garden is the aphid, greenfly, or mealy bug. These are a black or green color and suck on the leaves or buds of a plant. These bugs will multiply quickly so you need to take care of the problem right away. To protect your plants spray them with a dilution of liquid derris. Spray the visual portion as well as under surfaces and in crevices. Be sure to spray several times in order to get rid of new arrivals, and if this spray does not work try a stronger nicotine based spray.

Other enemies of plants and soils include caterpillars, earwigs, snails, slugs, woodlice, and millipedes. Even thou8gh ants and earthworms will improve soil condition; they can harm the growth of a plant. Creatures like ladybugs, dragonflies, centipedes, glowworms, and red velvet mites can actually be plant-friendly.

The following two pest help your plants grow:

  1. Centipede: light in color and beneficial for plant growth
  2. Red Velvet Mite: Red flat spider, may appear greenish when moving, survives under leaves by covering itself with its web film.

Consult a nursery for further help with pests. They can provide you with the proper treatments for your affected plants, and help to rid your garden of unwanted pests.