Picking Out the Perfect Garden Gift

Choosing the right garden gift for a friend or family member can be as much fun for you as it will be for the recipient of the gift. Garden gifts are a great way to showcase your loved one’s personality. You can choose anything from a grand garden fountain to a quaint piece of statuary. When choosing the right garden gift for a loved one, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. 

The first thing to consider is the space your loved one will have for your selection. It wouldn’t be appropriate to choose an estate fountain for someone who lives in an apartment or a home with a small yard. Make sure if you choose a cast stone item that it is something your loved one will be able to move or setup either on their own or perhaps with a little help from you. This will allow your gift to be appreciated from the very beginning.

You will also want to consider your loved ones tastes and personality. When choosing a gift, make sure that it will be appropriate to the décor in which the item will be displayed. There are all kinds of traditional items available like the San Pietro or the Caterina fountain. These are great for small to medium sized yards. Garden urns like the Greenwich, Hampton or Litchfield are all similar in style with varying sizes depending on your need. Perhaps a small whimsical piece of statuary from the Campania International Mythical collection is more your loved ones style. Step into the magical world of gargoyles and dragons, fairies and wizards. All of these statues are reasonably priced and will fit in most any space, indoors or out. Birdbaths such as the larger Essential Birdbath, or the smaller Sienna Birdbath are great for the bird watcher in your life. M-series fountains are small enough to fit on a table top. These are great for veranda’s, balconies and even foyers. These fountains produce very little splash and are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Climate and environment is another factor you want to keep in mind when choosing a garden gift. Families with small children and curious pets may want to choose items that have a sturdy base. This will help in preventing damage to the item or injury to the child or pet. For example,   a one piece birdbath may be chosen over a two piece birdbath. Climate is another consideration to make. Fountains are a beautiful and serene way to enhance any yard. However, if your loved one lives in a northern climate, you may want to consider a fountain that is easy to store in a shed or one that is easy to winterize where it is. Cast stone fountains are beautiful and durable when properly cared for and can be a gift your loved one can cherish for a lifetime.

 So remember, when choosing a garden gift for your loved one, have fun. The search for the right gift for a friend may even lead you to an item you will love for yourself.