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You Say Picnic, but did you consider where the word came From? You've asked us where exactly the word comes from and well, to be honest, we weren't sure, but we spend some time doing research and came up with some informational matieral on the background of picnics. It is believed that the word picnic actually came from the French and has been used since the end of the 17th century. It is possible that the word picnic is based on the French verb Picque, which also has the same latin root as the english word 'pick'. In the French language, piquer means to pick or peck. To pronounce, use the english word nique. It is believed to have come from a work that today we would call a pot luck, meaning everyone brings along some food. After many years, approximately 200, it has become known as the term used for an outdoor meal.

 Wine Accessories: And other Great Wine Gifts!
We've all been there, You have no clue what to buy your favorite neighrbor or co-worker. You may know that they enjoy a wonderful bottle of wine, but aren't a wine drinker yourself so you aren't quite sure what type to buy them. Wine accessories are the way to go. They will appreciate the ability to tote their wine bottles on a picnic or even take them along for a hike, golf outing, or other sporting event. These gifts are sure to be ones they don't already have in their collection and they're top of the line! Pass by the usual gifts like wine charms, or corkscrews and shop for a gift they are sure to not already, but can most definitely use all year long.