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Spending time with a loved on is sometimes all you need to have a romactic date. Life can get pretty crazy with all of the stresses of your work, family, homelife, and social calendars. Anytime you spend together, outside of the confines of your crazy life can be romantic, but sitting back under the beautiful blue sky on a nice day with a nice meal and a glass of wine allows for hours of romantic enjoyment. Use some of our ideas below to help create some of the most romantic moments you have ever had. These ideas don't have to be just for those who have been together forever, they work wonderfully for first dates!

Planning For for a Romantic Date can be the first step to making sure it is an enjoyable experience. If this is the first time you are going on a date, or you don't know the person very well, make sure to stay with foods that just about anyone will enjoy. Keep in mind many people today are vegetarians and will not eat meat. You also need to make sure that the food choices won't spoil too easily. Visit our Food Satefy guidelines to make sure you don't make your date sick! Easy finger foods like sanwiches, cold children, or even cooked beef can be a very good idea. Fruits also make a wonderful choice, especially when pairing with wine. Stick to easy to eat fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, or pears. They can make wonderful complementary side dishes to chicken. These can easily be placed in either a backpack or picnic basket. Other finger foods like chips and crackers are important if you include a dip or spread and can also help balance out a meal. It is important to avoid mayonnaise whenever possible and ranch dressing because they can spoil quite quickly.

Other Romantic Ideas:

Adding a bottle of wine or champagne almost instantly turns a picnic into a romantic adventure. It is important to bring along a few bottles of water, just in case, to stave off dehydration which can be especially important if you are planning a picnic on the beach or during the bright sun day. Many of our drink sets can be used for caring wine and water. If you don't have a basket that already includes cutlery or plates, make sure to pack them too!

When to Plan a Romantic Picnic

You should always keep in mind that mother nature is often spontaneous. Packing a sweather, blanket or windbreaker can be very important. During hot summer mothers, bring some towels along, you may want to jump into the lake or stream and splash around after a nice romantic conversation. They also work great for sitting on or cleaning up after a picnic. Throwing in a first aid kit is very imporant, just in case someone is allergic or misses a step and gets a cut. Knowing your surrounding area is also important, you want to make sure not to get lost in the forest!

Choosing the Location:
Choosing a picnic location can be one of the hardest decisions of the process. There are so many options you may not even know where to begin. If you've seen a picnic spot in your travels, this may be the best spot to start in. You don't want to choose an unknown destination if you are taking a loved one, or especially a first state. Sticking to areas you have visited before or are familiar with is a good idea. You should always park your car as close as possible to your picnic location, just in case you need to leave for reasons like bugs or other unwanted vistiors. If you and your partner are exceptionally adventerous, choose a spot neither of you know, the exporation before the picnic can be just as romantic.

Overall, Picnics are an excellent choice when considering cost. Their economical nature is a great way to get to know someone with out a great deal of distrations, or a great place to catch up with those you seem to miss during the fury of real life. Check out our selection of picnic accessories and baskets for the best way to take your snacks, drinks and food on your next picnic.