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Once you have found the perfect birdbath for your outdoor area, you begin asking yourself, where should I place it?  We have a few ideas that can give you the best view of your feathered friends as well as the best places and how to attract more birds to your bird bath.

Placing a birdbath where you can see it from the indoors is a wonderful idea.  You spend time making sure the water is clean and placing it, so you want to make sure that you are able to view it while you are sitting at your home desk, dining room, or maybe even kitchen sink.  Being able to few birds delighting in a fresh drink of water or bath is the soul purpose of a bird bath!

Birdbaths are often placed on pedestals in the middle of lawns.  This is a good place because a bird can clearly see that he is not in danger of any predators coming to visit, but placing a birdbath near overhanging limbs of a large tree is also a great idea.  This allow birds to fly over quickly, minimizing the thought of predator threats.  Birds should be able to see around the birdbath, or over the edge as they bathe, to make sure they are safe. 
When placing plants around a birdbath, you should only consider very low, open foliage plants.  This lessens the risk of a hiding place for any nearby predators such as cats. When considering plants, another great placement for birdbaths are native and ornamental plants that supply berries, acorns, nuts, seeds, or nectar.  This will draw more birdbaths to your birdbath in no time at all.  If there is nearby bird besting material, it also encourages bird health as well as a new generation of visitors for your birdbath!  

Placing a birdfeeder too close to your birdbath is not a good idea. Birds may open the shells of seeds, causing them to land in the water creating unwanted mess.  A good idea is to keep the birdfeeders far enough away from the birdbath that birds can view the birdbath.  They can then get their food and fly to nearby bushes to open up their seeds, keeping the debris away.  Once they are finished eating, they can then stop by the nearby birdbath to get a drink of water or a quick bath.  This will also keep away unwanted visitors such as squirrels. 

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t getting a lot of visitors to your birdbath immediately.  It takes a little bit of time for birds to get used to a new birdbath.  If after a bit of time you are still not seeing any visitors, review the area you have placed the birdbath in, see if there is some sort of danger you had not thought about that is making the birds stay away.  Try placing it in a bit more shade, as direct sunlight will cause the water of the birdbath to get quite warm. But as time goes on, birds, like people, are followers, once a few birds are seen visiting a birdbath, more birds will be attracted and a new visible population will come delight in the fresh water.