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Whether you are searching for an outdoor fountain that can showcase your newly renovated patio or are just searching for a cast stone or concrete fountain that has multiple tiers, you have probably seen the Vicobello Fountain.  Made in the United States by Campania International, the Vicobello Fountain is a favorite of many so we would like to share how you would install and put this beautiful water feature together.

The first step to installing any fountain is making sure that the surface upon which you will be placing the fountain is completely level.  It is important to take the extra time to do this as heavier cast stone fountains will now flow properly and moving them after assembly can often be too difficult.  Once you have installed the fountain, you will also want to again check to make sure the fountain is level, otherwise you may experience issues with the flow of the water from tier to tier.

To begin installing the Vicobello fountain, make sure the base piece is location on the area where you want to place the fountain.  Once the base is secure, place the pedestal upon the base. You will then want to take the largest tier, or bowl, and place it the recently placed pedestal.  You will again need to make sure that this water feature is completely level before continuing with installation. After installing the largest tier, you should feed the fountain pump cord through the hole in this bowl, continuing on through the pedestal, leaving enough length to work with the pump outside of the pump cover. It is important that you have already reviewing how to assemble the stopper properly before doing this installation.  Once the pump is in place, you should place the middle pedestal over the water pump that is centered in the large bowl. After the installation of each level, you should make sure the fountain is still level to ensure that you will not have further fountain issues. 

You will then need to feed the pump cord through the largest pedestal and up through the indentation on the bottom. You will next need to place a hose clamp over one end of the non-kink tubing, this will help the flow of water from tier to tier and not have the fountain running over into your garden. After connecting the tubing to the bottom of the middle bowl, ensure you have a good seal so no water can escape. Next repeat the same steps with the smaller pedestal and then the smaller bowl.  Once you have this complete, you are then ready to place the finial onto of the small bowl.  This piece of garden statuary is plumbed for the fountain and will need to be placed in the center of the bowl over the copper pipe that sticks up.

You are just about finished, you will need to place the fountain pump cover door over the pump opening. You can now fill the large bowl with water, make sure that the water levels are high enough that it completely covers the pump. You are then ready to plug the fountain into a properly grounded 110 volt GFCI protected outlet.

Now that you’ve taken the time to properly install your Vicobello Outdoor Fountain, it is time to sit back on your patio or in your backyard and enjoy the soothing sites and sounds of your new water feature.