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Selecting Border Plants
It is a fun and exciting form of art to add flowers to the border during the summer months. Entire books have been composed dedicated to this very topic. You may wish to consult with these books to get a better idea of how to create the best look and what plants will work best for your borders.

There are gardening principles to follow when creating flower arrangements, that when followed, allow anyone to create a beautiful results in their outdoor living space. Determine the height of the plants you choose, their habits, whether they are tall or short, bushy or thin, and if they spread or not. 

The foliage of the plant is important to consider as well. You will want plants that have bulk to the leaves because this will add substance to your border, as well as color when the flowers are not in bloom. Consider the timing of the blooming of the plant; the ideal outdoor living room should have flowers that bloom in portions of the border from early spring to frost. 

This may seem like an abundance of information to remember, but nursery catalogs normally provide all of this information with their plants. You can also find charts that you can refer to, making it really rather an easy process. 

The first trial may lead to some errors, but this is all in the fun of creating an outdoor space. It is not a difficult job to rearrange some plants after the first season. 

Why is a Plan needed?
You have three basic plans when coming up with your outdoor living room. You can hire a landscaper, and let them come in and create your space. You can order plants and lay them out in a trial and error method. Or the third possibility it to create a plan, writing it out on paper and carefully thinking out the layout and look you wish to achieve. 

You are certain to find enjoyment from creating an outdoor space on your own. If you choose this method, you will find satisfaction and a please end result from creating a plan and having an idea of how to go about creating the room. 

Creating a Plan:
After you have determined how much space you have available for a flower border, you can begin to create plan for that section. You will want to set aside places for flowers and shrubs.

It will be beneficial to create a large scale model on paper, at a measurement of one-fourth or one-half inch to the floor. Include the background of shrub, hedges, or whatever you choose to use, and then place the flowers in the space.