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Surprisingly, cement or concrete is the worst choice for a pond liner. Stone is subject to the winter cycle of freezing and thawing, which is more likely to cause a crack. This is more likely to be used in elaborate and large construction projects of landscaping plans.

Small water gardens often use fiberglass ponds, an easy purchase that includes easy installation. Larger ponds will use a durable vinyl sheets that are placed in the dug out area. Sometimes other liners are used, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a popular choice as well.

Before starting any pond construction project, make sue to check with your local municipality to check for regulations or requirements. Sometimes a building permit or inspections may be required for projects as simple as a shed. Make sure you are 100% sure where the gas lines, cables, electrical lines, and sewer lines are located before beginning a project. You must be completely sure that this construction will not harm anyone or anything!

Be sure to make sure your area is level, if not, it can cause leaking or flooding, turning the landscape into a cesspool. If your property is not suitable for a water garden, you may want to consider a rain garden or bog garden, an alternative to a water pond. After you have met any and all requirements, you can being your project.

Once you are ready to begin your project, collect your plants, tools and materials. Check the weather as well, to make sure you will have enough time to complete the project. If the project will take more than one day, be sure to cover bare earth, safely store animals or plants intended for your pond.

Construction should follow these steps:

    • Measure distances, and outline the intended area in rope or chalk lines
    • Begin digging to exact measurements and shape, be sure to check for level periodically
    • Line the area with small pebbles, sand, or geotextile as needed. Line the pool.
    • Consider using a licensed electrician to install pumps, filters, and lightning.
    • Add surrounding plants
    • After construction is done, fill the pool, and place the marginal and submersible plants
    • Wait to add fish, until 2 weeks later, once the chloramines levels are gone. Be sure to keep pH between 7-10

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