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When thinking about adding a piece of garden statuary to your home you want to think about the things that mean the most to you.  One of the most popular garden accents is religious garden statuary.  We’ve uncovered the most popular statues added to patios and landscapes.

Saint Fiacre is one of the most popular garden statues.  Saint Fiacre was known for his ability to grow herbs as well as his ability to heal.  His abilities attracted many, although he did not desire fame for his positive attributes, and he went to France to seek solidarity. Once moving to France, he was given the opportunity on a large piece of land.  It is said that with God’s will he entrenched an area, toppling trees and taking up bushes.  This was a great miracle that allowed Saint Fiacre to create a garden that helped cure the sick and another that help feed the poor.  These great miracles are what draws people to place Saint Fiacre in their garden. The Madonna and Child garden statuary is also another very popular religious statue.  The Madonna and child statue represents the virgin Mary and her baby.  This garden statue is very popular for many as it represents a miracle that all want to experience spiritual reprieve.

Another very popular religious statue is the Buddha garden statue.  This piece of Asian influence is said to invoice the feng shui in a garden.  Keeping all things in balance, a Buddha statue is very common in the yards of many.

Angels are by far one of the most popular religious statues to be placed in the garden or other outdoor area.  These beautiful creates are created in cast stone, fiberglass and even resin.  They are often placed in a garden or patio for their simply delightful appearance.  Other times, angels are placed in gardens to remember those who have passed and are believed to now be angels in the heavens.  Increasing in popularity are obelisks and rocks that have inscriptions.  These inscriptions are often placed at entryways or within beautiful flowers and plants to remember beautiful passageways.  Also inscribed on plaques, these inscriptions are often placed in the meadows of gravesites, to memorialize those who have passed.

Choosing a piece of garden statuary can be a bit overwhelming.  There are many different categories of garden statuary from animals to mythical creates and religious statues, but you want to make sure that when selection garden statuary, it has a special meaning to you.  This will draw you into the garden and make you smile and reflect each and every moment you see it.