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The Acqua Felice had fed the Pincian Hill until very recently. This is a collection of public gardens that are basically as high in altitude as the water source. This actually created an interesting problem for the creation of fountains in the gardens, effecting how the water would run through the fountains.

As a result, the Pincian hill would have fountain with plenty of water to offer, but they would need to be built in the design known as creating a “sheet of water”. This design would resemble a small flat pool instead of a waterfall. The typical jets of water simply would not work in this location. 

Count Brazza, the architect of the fountains and the Pincian gardens, solved the fountain issue. He created a fountain that was perfect to suit the conditions of the gardens. The design of the fountain shows Moses as a baby, with his mother, in the bulrushes. This is placed in the middle of the pool od calm water. The fountain represents when Moses’s mother left her baby in the basket, as she is asking for protection for her baby as she lets him go to protect him from persecution.

The fountain was designed to reflect the story of Moses. The story is one of quiet grief that forceful action. The simple pool of water is a wonderful reflection on the story, complimenting the tableau perfectly. The inclusion of water jets would completely ruin the entire concept of the fountain!