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Pond Pumps:
A pump is a necessary features for your garden pond or water feature. A pump keeps the water moving, preventing any water stagnation. Pumps keep your water features clean and help to keep your water crystal clear. Pumps are great to aerate the water for fountain, waterfalls, and ponds!

A pump may not always be needed for your pond. You can balance the fish and submerged plant ratio to help oxygenate the water. Sometimes it is best to start with a pump, until you can get a handle on the balance of fish and plants, and the care and maintenance that goes with living things.

How to Choose a Pump?
You need to base your pump on the amount of water you have in you pond or water feature. You need a pump that is powerful enough to raise and move the water, as well as aerate the feature. Smaller pumps are great for small fountains or features with little water motion. For a garden pond, you will want to find a pump that is able to circulate the water in 1-2 hours.

Types of Pumps for Ponds:
You can choose an external or submersible water pump. An external pump is similar to that of a swimming pool, and is located outside of the water feature. This pump will need to have its own 220 volt line from a circuit breaker, this type of pump is often best to have a professional install. A submersible pump is much easier to install. They will come with a built in filter, and can be hidden in your pond.
Cleaning the Pump:
Submersible pumps will need to be cleaned of debris weekly. Make sure to check the filter and the pump intake. In the fall, it may be necessary to take the pump out, clean and dry it, and store for the winter so it does no freeze and burn out over the winter.

Placing the pump in your pond:
If your pond features plants or grasses, this is an ideal place to set your pump. Make sure you keep the pump far enough from the roots so they do not clog up the pump. If you choose to hide your pump in this manner, it may be a good idea to check the pump more often to prevent it from overheating and burning out.  Another simple solution is to find large boulders or rocks and hide it in this manner, gardening stores often carry “rocks”, that are actually a lightweight material designed to look like rocks!

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