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A well filled in border may be the perfect location to add a wall fountain with climbing flowers clustered around it. Then take a garden path that leads to a shady spot to sit on a lovely bench. Perhaps a flower lined path that leafs to a vegetable garden is a possible choice. Each of these sections is separate but work together to create the final picture.

This is not the end of the story for the garden designer; there are still other tasks to consider. The overall picture should not a set of closed in compartments, but should create a series of vistas that give certain views from certain standing points, creating a sense of space. Basically the creation of breadth is important, or the idea of opening up the vistas.

The idea of a natural garden is a common term. This idea, of creating a look inside of a boundary that deceives the viewer into thinking they are looking at nature, is not possible to achieve. It is nether desirable. Nature is involved in the creation of a garden, the gardener creates the form and look that he desires, but then must rely on Mother Nature to fill in the gaps.

The idea behind real art is to conceal that it is art. This means, that in a garden setting, you should create a garden setting that appears to be natural and not to overdone.  This is how a natural garden can be created, in that the work of Mother Nature should shine over the work of the designer.

Repose is another important element for your garden setting. This is closely related to breadth. It also involves the ideas of proportioning the main elements of the garden setting including the walks, grass, and borders.

When planning to have walks in your garden, it is important to see that they exist for a specific purpose over just adding them because a designer thinking they help. They should not sprawl aimlessly in your setting, cutting up the garden into unnecessary shapes.  Grass is the best way to create a feeling of repose. It needs to be in a single piece, and it should be avoided creating a number of scattered pieces.

Grass will also create a wonderful background to the flowers that exist in a garden. It is also a soft alternative to the crunch of gravel. It is a wonderful place to sit under the shape of a tree and have a conversation with a guest, or escape to a goof book!