Shadowing of a Garden

The degree of shadowing that occurs in your site depends upon the location and features of your site. If your location is a country setting, where the need for privacy is not as necessary, fences and hedges do not need to be as high, removing the effects of shadowing. However, shadowing still needs to be accounted for, as a country setting may have more trees or other fixed object about the property. 

When building a house, one rarely gives consideration to the garden in relation to the placement of the house. Usually it is assumed it will be modeled to fit in with the house. 

It is always a good idea to consider the house and the garden, as they are closely related. Today the shift seems to be to narrow frontage, with little latitude in a transverse direction to the length of the plot, so if an economical garden is to be considered, the owner must give thought to the placement of the house and how it will affect the garden space.

The aspect will govern the placement to an extent, but the tastes of the gardener play a part as well. If possible, the addition of a fore-court is always a good idea, as this will keep dust from entering the house. This makes a wonderful thoroughfare for automobiles, as well as adds a nice level of privacy to your setting.

If the house has a northern aspect, this deters a forecourt as it will be in shadow, so there is no need to give it more space than necessary to obtain the above two requirements. 

A southern aspect, however, means your forecourt can be given much space. Flowers and foliage around the front of the house create a warm and welcoming touch, adding beauty and appeal to your façade. Consider the addition of planters and statuary to make your porch and windows pop! 

A detached house should not be set in the middle of the plot. This divides the available garden space into two spate areas, which is not ideal or effective for cultivation. It is best to place your home so that the widest space is n the sunny side. If the ground falls towards the road, you may consider placing the house on higher ground at the back of the plot, creating the garden space in the front. 

These are some important points to consider when determining the placement of your home in relation to the garden. The success of your garden will depend upon these issues.