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The Fountain of Wealth, located in Singapore’s Suntec City, is actually the largest fountain in the world. It was measured in 1998 by the Guinness Book of World Records. This fountain is located in one of the most popular shopping malls in Singapore. The fountain does not actually run all day, there are periods of time when it is turned off so visitors can walk around the mini fountain at the center of the fountains base. This is considered to be good luck. During the evening, the site plays home to magnificent laser shows, live song and laser dedications between 8pm to 9pm daily. The fountain is literally placed so it is the center point of the shopping mall. 

This fountain is relatively young compared to many of the world’s famous fountains. It was built in 1995, as a symbol of wealth and life. The bronze ring located in the center of the fountain symbolizes the Hindu Mandala, which represent the universe and mans unity and oneness with it. It goes further to represent the equality of all people and religions in Singapore. 

This fountain was created from silicone bronze. The spherical ring has a circumference of 66 meters and is supported by four slanted columns. It takes up a space of over 1683.07 square meters and reaches a height of 13.8 centimeters tall. The silicon bronze, all framework and patternmaking, was done by DCG Design and Meridian Projects from Melbourne, Australia. The design of Suntec City was in the shape of a hand. The five tower blocks represent the fingers and thumb, while the fountain area makes of the hands palm. The base of the fountain is actually underground, and the base perimeter plays home to the restaurant area of Suntec City. 

The fountain as designed as it was because water is the symbol of life and wealth in the Chinese culture. They made the water flow inwards because that represents the retention of wealth for the Suntec City. According to the practices of feng shui, water flowing inwards represents wealth pouring in, and this is where the name of the fountain originates from. Legend has it that the visitors of the fountain who walk around the central base of the fountain, three times, touching the water constantly as they walk, they will gain good luck as well. 

The Suntec Mall is a world class convention center where a major shopping hub is locked in the heart of the active Marina Bay district. This area is dived into four zones. Here tourists and visitors indulge in a one stop shopping and dining area. There are 300 retail outlets, 50 pushcarts, and 100 food and beverage places. One of the most popular places, Carrefour, which is the largest hypermarket in Singapore. 

This site offers it all, a place to shop and visit, as well as a place to sit and enjoy a meal while watching the cascading waters of the largest fountain in the world. Furthermore the evening water extravaganzas create a stunning and exciting source of entertainment. This wonderful water feature is a premier destination to visit when in Singapore, it offers the luxury of one stop shopping, dining, and a place to just sit over a cup of tea and watch the enchanting water as it falls.