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Garden Fountains are becoming popular trends for formal and informal garden settings. They bring tranquility with their soothing water sounds, as well as excitement with the water display. The addition of water is cathartic on many levels, creating a wonderful feature for your outdoor space. 

Water can mask unpleasant noises, allowing your environment to become a peaceful retreat, while at the same time the water creates entertaining patterns and designs as it flows. A water feature is a great tool for a garden setting, full of benefits for your home, family, and overall décor! Adding a garden fountain involves planning. Consider the area of your property and where you want to install a fountain. The size of the fountain you choose will depend upon the size of the plot available. The idea is to choose a fountain that will fit with the space available without looking out of place or obtrusive. Envision what you want the end result to look like, and plan accordingly, as this plan should give you an idea of the size of the fountain you desire. The placement of the fountain should be a place of prominence, where it makes a stunning focal point as well a place where the water can be heard. 

The next step is to determine what type of fountain to purchase. Fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, styles and designs, making the options numerous. Fountains can be modern, neutral, ornamental, tiered, hanging, just to name a few. The style of the fountain you choose will depend upon where you choose to set the fountain, a large garden courtyard will need a different fountain from a small garden deck. When placing a fountain on your setting, use the above tips to determine where and how to position the fountain. If you are using the fountain as a centerpiece for a pond be sure to consult with the maker of the fountain to make sure this is possible, and if there is any special cabling needed for the pump in this situation. Make sure the fountain includes a pump when you order it, as this is the key to making the fountain work.

Use the plan you created to set the fountain just as you had visualized it. Whether you place it in the center of the landscape as a grand focal point, in a quiet garden nook as a source of tranquility and solitude, or as the lively point of an outdoor room used for entertainment and enjoyments, these are all aspects to consider when installing a fountain. Installing the fountain is actually the easiest step. It is much more difficult to plan out the setting for the fountain and choose a particular style or design, once you have all of this finished, and have the fountain placed and assembled where you want it to run, you basically will just need to connect the pump to the fountain lines, add water, and plug it in. 

At this point you are finished and you will have a stunning water feature for your setting. However, it is always recommended to check the fountain for the appropriate water levels periodically, as well as checking the pump for any debris and clean it as needed. These simple tasks will help to keep your fountain running for a long time, adding the benefits of water in motion to your outdoor space for years to come!