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You may want to consider tacking your survey to a drafting board, and using tracing paper to work over the survey, this way you can create a number of schemes without destroying your original map. Allowing you time to decide which suits your tastes best.

By planning out your living room in advance, you can determine the proper place for your plants, ornaments or accents. You can determine the theme or character beforehand, which makes the actual work go much more smoothly. You will want to determine the walls first and where the entrance will be, opposite the entrance a focal point will be nice to attract the eye. Add flowers along the walls, as these become the “pictures” of your space. You can create intimate corners under a shaded tree, you can arrange the flowers in patterns for a formal setting, or create a more natural look. Add benches or seats to give a comfortable resting spot to just sit back and take in the beauty of the room!

Trying to arrange all of the above ideas without a basic plan would result in total chaos, as well as take much more effort and time. It is always best to have a plan so your project goes off smoothly and orderly. You may choose to consult with different sources before you begin a project, like a garden book or a nursery. These can help give you ideas, as well as inform you about specific plant placement and needs. Having a basic plan is always the key to creating something beautiful and worthwhile!