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In conclusion, it would be possible to reconstruct the fountain on the basis of the original: an elongated pool at ground level, with four narrow areas toward the end, and the rim decorated with four dolphins spouting water. The boat shaped pool was repeated for the modern fountain in Campo dei Fiori. So why does it have a lid? Simple, it was used as a marker for animal fodder sellers who frequented the area. It was also the sight of a number of annual festivities in the 16th century. So how is this ground level fountain not covered by rubbish and kids? Well, that can be answered by a roman edict of 1710, prohibiting anyone to enter, dirty, or throw any substance into a fountain, or to wash in these fountains. So as a result, the dolphins were removed so a lid could cover the fountain, so the coach drivers could no longer wash their coaches or donkeys with the fountain water.