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There are many accents you can add to your outdoor living space that will bring a touch of charm and beauty. A popular accent is an old fashioned sundial. This accent goes back to the Tudor gardens, and will add a sentimental and practical touch to your setting! A sun dial is a wonderful feature to place in a sunny spot, and enjoy finding the time in this traditional way.

A birdbath is a lovely idea to add to your living space. These features are as beautiful as small fountains, and so much can be said for its necessity. It not only adds a focal point to your setting, but creates a soothing oasis for your favorite feathery friends. Enjoy the beautiful and whimsical birds it will bring into your room, and enjoy watching them as they dance and frolic in the cool clear water!

Birdbaths that are on pedestals or placed on pedestals are considered ideal. Birds will want to visit these, as cats or other animals of prey cannot get to them. Birds are attracted by raised objects, and when filled with water in the summer, can be used as feeders in the winter months. Consider placing the birdbath near trees or shrubs that produce berries that birds like to eat.

There are many figures that are relatively inexpensive and will add a charming touch to your garden setting. You can find these figurines in terra cotta and cast stone, and by adding them in a special place of your outdoor room, it will add a delightful viewpoint. Place one at the end of a pathway as a welcoming greeting!

If your outdoor room is arranged a pool, incorporating a figure is a great idea! A small fountain with a figurine will add a beautiful and enchanting touch to your space. This will add a beautiful and picturesque view for your setting.

You can add that livable touch to your setting through the use of vases and urns as well. These work as ornamental items, or can be filled with beautiful foliage to create a wonderful focal point. Be careful how and where you place your containers, as you do not want them to be ostentatious. They should, instead, compliment your décor. Whether placed on a side of your steps, on a pool coping, or on a terrace that overlooks the outdoor room, these elements can add a stunning touch to your setting!

Urns and vases can be purchased in many materials, like cast stone and pottery, and can be found in every shape and color. You should select these elements as carefully as you would for your indoor spaces. Achieving your own livable touch is done just as you make your home livable and comfortable. As you add these features that make you comfortable and want to spend time in the outdoor room, you have achieved the livable touch!