The Creation of an Oasis

Create a tranquil and enjoyable place for relaxation or outdoor entertaining transforming your dull space into a wonderful outdoor sanctuary! Through some time, effort and money you can add a stunning water feature, for under $2000.00, including the installation as well as the herb and flower garden. The first step is to create a plan!

Adding Color:
Although Green is a stunning to begin with, adding additional color will bring excitement and flair into your setting. You can easily bring color into your setting through various plants and flowers. Through the use of a color wheel you can plan what colors will suit your taste, to create a landscape that will make you feel wonderful! Here are some useful tips:

  1. Decide the theme of your garden, it to be tranquil or vibrant? Tranquil and relaxing gardens should incorporate blues, violets, and pinks. While vibrant settings should seek to incorporate bold and bright colors like gold, red, and orange hues.
  2. If you want to incorporate many colors, choose analogous color, or colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel to contrast colors, colors opposite to one another on the wheel. By choosing colors this way, you will create balance in your garden setting.

Using these tips will help you to create a balanced and beautiful garden full of colors that suit your individual needs. These tips will work no matter what size garden you are creating!

Adding a fountain:
The addition of a water feature will bring a wonderful addition to your setting. The addition of a fountain can be added in a few days time, and the result will far outweigh the effort and time it takes! Simply be able to follow instructions and you will quickly be on your way to a soothing and exciting accent for your home. You will need a pump, drain pipes, as well as some sort of decorative feature like a Mexican Urn to get your fountain up and running!

Find a fountain idea to suit your taste in books, the internet, or even purchase a full fountain kit that can be found in home improvement stores. Make sure you purchase the correct pump size for your fountain, if you are not purchasing an entire kit. For a three foot Mexican Urn, you will want a pump that is rated at 50 gph. Simply find a container that you love, and you are half way to completing a fountain, just remember if the container is not glazed, you may want to seal it to keep leakage from occurring. You can always speak with someone at a home improvement store regarding the container if you are not sure.