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The idea of site is an important consideration from the gardener’s standpoint.  When purchasing a home, it is not always feasible to consider a garden when making a decision.  However if you have a choice between similar homes, and one has a nicer garden setting, naturally that home will be chosen.

If the house was previously lived in, the garden is probably already made.  However, sometimes a garden is not created, and the new owner will have an open canvas to create your own beautiful garden.

Whatever may have been done to the setting before the new owner takes possession should not deter him from starting completely over. Create the best possible outline for your garden before you begin to plant.

When considering the site for your garden, your primary concern should be sunlight. With the house creating shadow no matter what, but intelligent planning can help to solve this issue.

Gardens that are surrounded by a high wall also face a disadvantage, because the shadow of the wall. This problem is coming in suburban gardens where house and gardens adjoin.

In the open country, there are issues that can also present themselves. In the country it is less likely that there will be a lack of sunshine, but the problem can actually be the lack of shelter.  In this case, you should determine the relation of the prevailing winds and the cold winds of winter and spring at the site.

Winds from the west and southwest can be very destructive to trees and plants. The cold winds from the north and northeast can do damage by drying out and cutting young growth, retarding the progress of your plant life.

The perfect place for a country plot is a location that is open to the south and slightly sloping in that direction, so it will be partly sheltered by higher ground or trees to the west or southwest. Make sure it is wholly protected in the north and northeast.
This perfect site is hard to find. The tenant may not be able to have this site occur naturally, but this does not mean you need to give up, but you can use artificial means to make good use of the downfalls of the site. 

The country setting may also experience the issue of dry soil. This is connected to the temperature, and affects the good growth and habits of flowers. The nature of the soil, will influence the warmth of a site.