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There are 120 breathtaking water fountain located throughout Peterhof. However most of them were not part of the original construction. In fact, when Peter died, there were only three ponds used for agricultural and irrigation of the vegetable gardens that would later become the Upper Gardens. These ponds, since the 1730’s, are used for holding tanks for the water that comes from the natural springs, creating pressure for the fountains below. There was also a 2.5 mile channel cut from the hills above to create the needed pressure for some of the more is exciting and spectacular fountain, particularly the waterspout on Samson, commemorating victory of Sweden. 

The Lower Gardens were created during the reign of Peter the Great, laid out in the typical French geometric pattern. The fountains and statuary were implemented during the time between the death of Peter and the Revolution of 1917. There are exciting trick outdoor fountains located in the garden as well. These include features like a whimsical bench with an umbrella that sprays a guest if they sit on it, or a table with a fruit ball that squirts anyone who tries to grab the fruit. These fun fountains give an amiable character to the setting. 

In the lower gardens, there is also a sea channel that bisects the gardens. It is a giant pool that runs the length of the walkway clear to the Grand Palace, where there are small water spouts and an “army” of small gilded statues. 

Other water features include the exciting Sun Fountain, shaped in a disc where water comes out the rays. It slowly spins throughout the course of the day as well. There is a pyramid fountain as well, which in reality is a series of fountains creating an illusion to look like one grand pyramid. 

There are fountains besides the traditional or gag fountains in Peterhof. There are many cascade fountains reminiscent of those found in Versailles. The most notable is the Grand Cascade, featuring dozens of gilded statues and smaller water spouts. The Cascade was actually a walkway when Peter the Great lived there, with only the grotto and secret tunnel leading to the palace existing. There is the Golden Mountain Cascade to the west and the Black and White Cascade to the east.