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The fountain at the Piazza dei Santi Apostoli was included with the list for the Aqua Felice, because it was overlooked with the Aqua Vergine. The process for the creation of the fountain, and bringing water to it began rapidly in 1590. Although, a decision stalled the process of the almost completed fountain. The Authorities had decided instead to move the fountain located at Araceoli and place it at Sant’Apostoli.  So it seems that the Colonna family had won over the Muti family in having a fountain located in front of their townhouse. This decision was, however, turned down at the next council meeting.

In the Spring of 1667, the debate opened up again, with Pope Alexander VII suggesting  the transfer of the fountain at Monte Cavallo to the Piazza Sant’ Apostoli. The pope wanted to rearrange the Dioscuri in the Square outside of the Quirinale Palace. This was how he came up with the idea of moving the fountain between two statues of Montecavallo so it would face the church. However, this never happened either, and the lot now is a huge car park. Let’s move to a famous square in rome now, the place where Via XX Settembre meets Via delle Qauttro Fontane. Sixtus V had this opened up this area, originally calling it the Via Felice. From this location the Porta Pia is at the far end, the obelisk sixtus had erected is to the rights, and behind is the obelisk Sixtus had erected between the huge statues of Castor and Pollus, and to your left is the Sallustian Obelisk.

That makes up the view that our Four Fountains enjoy, was not on the list of the City authorities, but was the first to receive water from the Aqua Felice. They are not on the list because they were not publicly funded or funded through the Papal council. They were paid for by a number of private citizens. These fountains were always thought to be built by Domenica Fontana, however this was not the case. The exceptional ugliness and simplicity of these fountains are never reference as being his fountains in the archives, or in his own book.