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When a notary drew up the clauses and conditions for the building of a fountain on January 6th, 1575, it was unclear as to where this fountain would actually be placed. The placement of a fountain was to be in a square somewhere which would be up to the Congregation for the Fountains. The fountain creator was to make a fountain without having the knowledge of where it was to be placed. The fountain dimensions and design was supplied, but the location would be chosen by the congregation.

 The placement for this particular fountain was the Piazza della Rotunda, the location in front of the Pantheon. Decorated by Pope Eugene IV with a porphyry tub and two basal lions, it was designed to combine rectangular and circular elements. The shape of the fountain is a square with sides that have been cut slightly short of the corners, continuing as semi-circles. The same motif can be seen in the steps below the fountains. Because of the uneven ground, there are five steps in front of the Pantheon, but only two on the opposing side. The size of the fountain as to be 27 meters, and was to be crafted from mixed portasana marble, however the basin was a superb African marble instead.

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