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The Congregation for the Fountains wanted a fountain in Via Giulia, but della Porta was unable to carry out this task. Even though the Aqau Vergine has reached Campo dei Fiori, there was simple not enough water to support the fountain and the supply was being used by the consumers of the city. At this time, the idea that Via Guilia could get water was just not possible. It was not until years later, under Paul V, who brought water, enough that a fountain could finally be built. 

This modest fountain is found in the sere and peaceful Via Giulia, next to a wall. This fountain was made up an ancient porphyry trough (based on the roman baths), was over a large tablet of marble with a scroll on either side. The scrolls were topped with balls of travertine. The center of the tablet is a gigantic mask made of white marble that dates back to the ancient Romans. Its hair is parted down the middle, with an empty look in its eyes, and water flowing from its half-opened mouth, falling into the shell basin. A large fleur de lys symbol sits at the very top of the fountain, a sign that the mask is in fact, the expense of the Farnese family, and built around the same time as the Farnese Fountains in the Piazza Farnese in 1626. 

The Via Giulia was once, under the time of Julius II, when it was first opened, was the main street and the most charming road in the city. It was the site of festivals and ceremonies. In 1720, on the third day of the Pentecost, the Roman nobles wasted to show off their carriages and fineries in honor of the newly elected Gran Master of Malta. During the time of Vespers, wine flowed from the mouth of the mask, and did not end until morning. The authorities extended the rejoicing to the following evening with a display of fireworks, and illuminated the streets with round tallow candles. 

Finally, there was a contest help in the 17th century that has long since vanished, but would be an interesting to see. The story follows: “One evening, along our street, at the expense of the individuals and with the permission of the authorities, a race took place between naked hunchbacks, whose humps were all so different that it made them a real sight worth seeing.” The area was so full of people for this event, that all you would see were the crowds and crowds gathered!