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The inscription that currently exists was added in the beginning of the 17th century, below the long inscription, and in place of the original inscription. The new plaque, with gigantic letters, was created by "Filippo Colonna, Duke of Paliano, high official at the court of the King of Naples", who also replaced the large and beautiful ancient head of Apollo with the arrangement existing today. Instead of the feel of an inviting fountain, the dolphins have a menacing looks and scowl at anyone stopping by for a drink. 

It is hard to tell by looking at this fountain that the fountain has spread in fame to all over the world, as a 15th century author had surmised. 

Close to the Fountain of Pope Julius, there is a rough and modest fountain that was a horse trough. This low, rectangular, trough is gauged by two columns made of grey granite, and water falls from a shell shaped basin, and two more half shells carved into the upper portion. There is a Latin inscription over it, which included a serious error, it reads, “Federico Cardinal Borromeo restored this water for public use in the year 1672".

Besides the error, the only interest in this fountain is that it arises as part of the original baubino Fountain, built during the time of Pope Gregory XIII, on the Piazza del Popolo to the Piazza di Spagna. When the street was redone, the fountain was moved to its current location.