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Despite what many think, many of the 120 gravity fed fountains that are commonly associated with Peterhof were not part of the initial construction. Three ponds were used for vegetable gardens and irrigation at the time of Peter the Great's passing in 1725. These would later become later of the Upper Gardens. After the 1730's these ponds hold water from the natural springs that are on the garden site. These springs create gravity pressure for the fountains below. During this period, V. Tuvolkov created a canal that ran from the hills above to provide enough pressure for some of the more dramatic fountains. A wonderful example of this is the waterspot on Samson that was created by Mikhail Kozlovsky. This fountain was created to honor the victory over Sweden.

In a French geometric design, the lower gardens created during Peter the Great's time include statues that were placed between The death of Peterhof and the Revolution of 1917.

What many people don't know is there are a few trick fountains among Peterhof's collection. These fountains would soak those who walked up to the fountains, hence the name "trick fountains". Some mythical and whimsical tricks could also be found in these gardens. One example is a bench with umbrella that would soak you once you sat upon the seat, a table with fruit placed onto that would spray water when you tried to take a piece of fruit. There were even fake trees, made to look like the real thing that would spray those who approached.

Termed a "Sea Channel", a giant pond ran in between the Lower Gardens. This pond ran the along a walkway up to the Main Palace. This pond included small water features and small garden statues.

With rays reaching out from the center, a large sun water feature would spin, in a slow manner, during the day. Several fountains together created an illusion of a larger pyramid.

Lets not forget that Peterhof did not only have trick fountains, he also included several magnificent fountains with style similar to that of Versailles. A large flowing fountain, from tier to tier, called the Grand Cascade was said to be featured with golden statuary and small water features. On the east side of the Cascade fountain, one viewed a black and white checkered pattern and to the east, a Golden Mountain that featured a few marble statues on the western side.

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