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When creating a fountain for your mini-garden you need to make sure a continuous supply of water is flowing. You can create a simple gravity fed fountain by placing a water tank at a higher level that the fountain, and connect it through a feed pipe, fixed water tight, in the middle of a trough. When a tap next to the tank is opened water will escape through the tiny whole at the top of the fountain allowing the water to spray out of the fountain. The water will collect in the trough and move into an overflow tank. There is no plan for recirculation with this idea however. To have recirculation you will need to incorporate a small pump, these can be rather expensive, if you are creative you can create a siphon arrangement that will be an inexpensive problem solver. 

Cascades and Waterfalls
You can add a waterfall or cascade to your Japanese Garden in a number of different ways and styles.  You can create an impressive replica of a famous waterfall, or a simple stream of water flowing over a rocky surface. Make sure the water supply and the recirculation arrangements are all hidden. It is best to make the watercourse from concrete, and be sure to waterproof it, you should consider using wooden frames as your base with a fine mesh netting stapled to the top. Use concrete prepared from gravel and throw small quantities down the cascade to create the rocky appearance and texture of a natural waterfall. Add some small pebbles or stones before the concrete cures and create the rocky façade of a cliff. 

You can make water fall over a glass screen, where hidden behind would be marine grottos lit up with concealed light. Create a natural hillside around the aquarium, which will add a stunning theme and complete the look of you miniature garden!

Bog Gardens
You can create a swamp for your mini-garden by mixing sphagnum moss with crushed charcoal and peat moss. When saturated with water, you have wonderful compost for plants to grow in. Make sure you are aware of the different types of soil that suit the different plants you use. Also make sure your positioning is careful, creating the right layout for your Japanese Garden.

Plants for Water and Bog Gardens
Few plants are able to crow in clear water. Place an inch of loam ( a same silt and clay misxture, in the pool, and make sure there is at least three inches of water over it. Some plants to consider would be Hydrocharus norsus ranae, Azolla caroliniana, Hottonia, and Fontinalis. If you are just starting out with your garden, you may want to seek professional advice from a garden center before you begin this process.