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The Public Fountain of Pope Julius, a monumental fountain, is located at the corner of Via Flaminia and Via di Villa Giulia. Francesco Milizia critiqued the fountain saying, "The first order [the type of columns] is designed in the Corinthian style and the second is Corinthian in some parts and Ionic in others. Who knows what architect could have dreamt up such a horror!" However the two sets of columns were meant to be different. The lower level was created from a hard volcanic stone called peperino, and it consisted of three sections. The central column has two marble Corinthian columns on high bases, the top of this section features an architrave and tympan, each of the side sections features a pair of pilasters. 

The upper level of the fountain is also divided into three sections. It consists of rows of bricks, creating a cheerful appearance compared to the lower level. Two iconic columns make up the central section, enclosing the two statues of winged goddess Fama, flanking the Medici Coat of Arms. Beneath this sits two leonine herms, and a huge plaque in memory of Carlo Cardinal Borromeo. Finally the upper section has two side sections with a window that is surmounted by a blank shield and festoons. 

Even in the lack of harmony between the two sections, and the lack of attention, this monument does feature a regal and enjoyable quality. Its elaborate nature can even be described as out of proportion to the modest fountain at its base.