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Styles of Japanese Gardens:
Here is a list of some of the styles of Japanese Gardens:

  • Level
  • Old world, Courts, Woodland Glades
  • Undulating
  • Landscape
  • Model

Rock and Alpine Gardens
An Alpine garden is perfect for a sink or trough, because they can be designed to hide drainage pipes. To grow your alpines it is necessary to have proper drainage conditions, rough rock and surface soil, low surface moisture, and loam earth. Plant only slow growing alpines, and select them based on the color scheme and proportions of the other features you wish to incorporate. 

Alpine gardens are usually planted on flat surfaces. Make sure any stones are secured to the ground, and provide room for the plants to grow and thrive. Enhance the background with a slab of limestone, and use smaller rocks to form hills or mountain slopes. Two common forms used when embedding rocks are avalanches and interruptions, which can be made through a careful selection of rocks placed in appropriate places. 

To create a window box style it is best to use dwarf trees and japanses maple. Design clefts with rock layouts and pockets for the plants through using altered soil levels!

Garden Ornaments:
You can include figurines of people or animals, create fountain or houses, included gates and lights and bridges  for your miniature garden, which all help to create a life like version of the world!

Informal Gardens:
An informal garden may incorporate the use of natural wonders like lakes, mountains, and cascaded. You can create glades set in the woods, by using lush herbs and shrubs, with a babbling brook flowing near a placed hut!

Formal Gardens:
Formal Garden normally follows the below patterns:

  1. A centerpiece is used, like a pool or statue from which paths derive from
  2. A design that included climbers, fences, or hedges, centered on a gate, or fountains.
  3. A geometrical pattern, using colorful trees and plants that trail that borders.

A Novelty Garden
A Japanese Novelty garden has no specific rules or principles. It can encompass anything you choose for it tp. Create a fantasy world or a hidden secret place. These gardens will be a constant source of delight and inspiration!