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Time Line of Well Known Fountains

A large timeline of famous fountains by date of creation.

Rome and the Fountains Within

Rome's influence on fountains carries through to modern day fountains.

Bernini, The father of Fountain Design

A talented Fountain designer that helped the creation of fountains

Quotes in History about Fountains
Fountains have a place in history from the bible to present day, read some quotes about them!

Florence: The Wall Fountains Within

Fountain of Florence, from decoration to Functional Use

A Look at Ancient Roman Water History

Learn about the construction of ancient water supplies and fountains with these links

Well Known Waterfalls, From Around the World

Learn about some of the most famous waterfalls in the world

Link Between Fountain Design & Architecture

From thoughts and ideas to drawings, fountains are created in a process

Understanding Water Features

Learn how to operate a fountain and the compontents of a water feature

Chronicle of the Public Fountains of Italy

Learn about the first fountain designs with aqueducts to popular fountains in history found in Italy

Aqueduct Fountains in Rome and Oil?

Often referred to as the Oil Well Fountains, were they real or simply a myth?

Fountains in and around Kansas City

Kansas City boasts many fountains, many of which are famous!

Maintaining your Water Gardens

Learn tips and tricks of maintaining your water gardens

Ponds in the Garden

Learn the basis about Ponds along with other important pump and design information

Fountains around Portland, Oregon

Learn about some of the great fountains of Portland, Oregn

The Palace of Peter the Great

A glimpse at the summer house of Russia's Peterhof

Electrical Safety Tips for Water Fountain Installation

Water fountains and features often have an electrical component, learn some tips on how to be safe when installing

A man and his son: Creators of a Victorian Fountain

Find out information about James Pulham and Son and their quest becoming English Victorian landscape gardeners

Enabled Gardening

Dr. Benjamin Rush was one of the first people to document the therapeutic effects of gardening

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